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Winter Packages

Adventures between spruces and white plains meeting Quebec’s Middle-North and natives’ realities

Are you one of these big travellers in search of authentic winter adventures? Would you like to live this in Quebec at the height of its Middle North? Would you like to enjoy at the beginning or the end of a unique tour a few days in Montréal and/or in New-France’s Old Capital? Come on board with a real snowmobiling experience to live one of Quebec’s realities quite out of the ordinary?

Explained below is what the Cooperative Agency Voyages CoSte, enterprise established on the Quebec’s North Shore has marketed for the discoverers and amateurs or beginners in snowmobiling in collaboration of a company from Newfoundland, Provincial Airlines. A tour where you will be safe because you will be well accompanied and equipped with our product; travelling « THE WHITE ROAD » and visiting the isolated villages along the coast is offered with our packages well built by our local people with you in mind.

Here is what we offer:

A winter adventure off the beaten path for snowmobilers, unique between plains and woodlands. A trail with its hills, several hundreds of kilometers, marked and maintained by the Provincial Minister of Transports. The fact is that at this latitude « the White Road » is (with the exception of the plane and a weekly freight boat) the only way to go from one village to another and to eventually join the rest of the province. This is the most used mode of transportation during the winter season enabling people to go from places to places at a close distance from the Gulf of Saint-Lawrence’s Coast.

It is there along the Gulf that the native people traditionally established their summer camps, close to trading posts. These sites, at the mouth of rivers which were the link with the back-Country became permanent urban centers close to small French and English villages. Some of those villages have comes from Acadia, from British Islands or from Newfoundland. You will go along this way during hundreds of kilometers (with a few good breaks to the program during the day) on this once upon a time known territory as the Quebec’s Labrador, segment still not linked to the province’s road network.

Such an adventure is now offered to you with an experienced guide which we could not do without. As well individual safe vehicles which novices in the practice of this «trail sport » will have the time to get use to before the official departure.

Blanc-Sablon does that ring a bell ? It is the village where you will land and will leave to begin your voyage to the frontier of Quebec’s North-East at the 51st parallel. A region that the discoverer Jacques Cartier dared in 1534 to call « Land that God gave to Cain’s  ».

Have you seen the movie Seducing Dr. Lewis ? Lets stay behind a bit in this typical insular village which is Harrington Harbour. In winter and in early spring the ice links this village to the Continent. Saint-Augustin, Baie des Moutons, La Tabatière, Kegaska, Unamen Shipu, Pakua Shipi, Tête-à-la-Baleine et Bonne Espérance are other villages where you will stay or have a meal and break. These are the villages, municipalities and native communities where stops are planned so you can meet people, enjoy the local food and get good beds to have a restorative sleep.

Here, we are not only talking about hiking...We are talking about an expedition totalising 680 or 1 100 kilometers done in segments, in which (you can be part of with a group of 6 that you can organize) you can choose the package « 4 nights/5 days departure from Québec or Montréal » or the package for « 7 nights / 8 days » which offers you an excursion in Labrador’s Newfoundland. In both cases you will have the time to make a stop in Fermont to have a meal inside of the big « screened-wall » of this Northern mining town where services and lodging were originally planned in order to protect the remainder of the town from the wind and the cold. Meet with authentic people who love their part of the country, experience amongst other things contact with the First Innu Nation including a tasting of Native meals. This is a product which will call to the special type of clientele which you represent and the Coopérative de solidarité en tourisme équitable will be there to take good care of you.

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